Precision Laboratories offers a wide range of adjuvants including spreaders, stickers, water conditioners and drift control products, designed to enhance the performance of plant protectants.

Adjuvants are a unique group of products that have the ability to greatly influence the performance of pesticides.  The use of adjuvants as management tools for agricultural chemicals can modify spray solutions by:

  • improving the physical characteristics,
  • reducing or minimizing chemical losses,
  • maximizing efficacy by enhancing penetration

The performance of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides can be affected by a number of variables.  These include:

  • The environmental conditions at the time of application such as temperature, humidity, and rainfall.
  • The properties of the water used for mixing such as ph and hardness.
  • The use of tank mixtures of different products which may effect efficacy and compatibility.
  • The condition of the target surface to be sprayed, for example, leaf surface texture, plant stress, insect growth stage, soil tilth and type.

Adjuvants maximize product efficacy when conditions are less than ideal, when low spray volumes are used, or when product performance needs to be modified or improved.