Soil Sampling

We have been independently soil sampling at Langfritz Seed for the last ten years. We are not trying to sell fertilizer so our recommendations are unbiased. We sample two different ways:

  1. Sample by grid
  2. Sample by soil type

Our grid sizes vary from 2.5-20 acres depending how specific a customer wants to be with his information. We also will make recommendations for you or send your information to your retailer for him to make your recommendations. We recommend that you sample every 2-4 years.

Benefits of grid soil testing and variable rate application:

  • "Level out" high and low fertility and PH/Lime areas in the field
  • More uniform crop emergence and growth
  • More uniform maturity dates
  • Fertilizer dollars can be spent more efficiently by placing more fertilizer/lime in deficient areas and less in the surplus areas
  • Be used as a basis for monitoring changes in the soil test values that make take place over time

Chad Kruse has 20+ years of experience in soil sampling.

Attached are some of the different types of sampling we do:

Call for pricing.