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Encirca View makes it easy to record, organize, and share crop observations. Using a convienient mobile app, your notes are automatically geo referenced, so you can pinpoint improvements and layer information field by field.

My View can toggle between years to see historical trends, helping inform decisions year to year.

First of a kind Community View  provides real time information on crop conditions, growth stages, and soil moisture updated daily by thousands of people literally in the field.

Upgrade to Encirca View Premium (see video) for industry leading weather forecasts, market news and analysis, and your own weather station, powered by DTN and The Progressive Farmer.

How do I get Encirca View?

  1. Download the Encirca View app or visit encirca.pioneer.com
  2. Create a free Encirca View account
  3. Having trouble, stop by the office and John or Brett can show you how it works

The Encirca View app is available for Apple or Android mobile devices. Visit your app store to download and create your Encirca View account today!

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Encirca View App

Encirca View "Premium" Real Time Weather & Market Data

Encirca View, Encirca Yield, Encirca Profit