Conventional & RR corn

Roundup Ready hybrids

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101 day CRM    2450 GDU's to maturity
Shorter plant stature along with great stalks and roots

Aquamax drought tolerance, works well on most soils

Girthy ear with excellent grain quality

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105 day CRM   2600 GDU's to maturity
Very high yield potential for mid season maturity
Great stalks and roots, great emergence
Treat with fungicide if NCLB is present 
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111 day CRM  2580 GDU's until maturity
AquaMax hybrid, place on all soil types, strong roots along with good stalks

Mature hybrid that has never disappointed

Don't plant in a cool and wet environment

Conventional Hybrids

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Early harvest option with great stalks and roots, short statured less trash
AquaMax hybrid that works on most soils 
Girthy ear with excellent grain quality
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High yielding 105 day with Aquamax drought tolerance
Shorter statured plant with solid stalks and roots
Can plant in all soil environments
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Race horse hybrid for its maturity, AquaMax suitable for all soils
Great stalks and roots, solid agronomics
Excellent emergence, treat with fungicide if NCLB is present

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AquaMax hybrid suitable for all soils
Great roots, good test weight
Great test weight, averge disease tolerance, consider a fungicide application

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AquaMAx hybrid, suitable for all soils
Decorated history of performance
Solid agronomics, very stable plant

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Top end yield potential for it's maturity
Great plant health and disease package, plant on your best soils
Make sure you have a good seed bed and plant at least 2" deep to insure good root development