Growers once considered their soybean crop much simpler to manage than their corn crop. However, this philosophy is changing as management systems evolve and new pest challenges arise. For example, soybeans are now planted earlier, so seed treatment use has grown dramatically. Increasing soybean aphid problems mean that scouting and spraying may now be necessary. Spread of soybean cyst nematode, sudden death syndrome, white mold and other diseases has increased management requirements for soybeans. For these reasons, growers still taking a low management approach to soybean production are likely missing a significant opportunity to increase their bottom line.

The record shows that soybean yield increases have not kept pace with those of corn over the last 25 years. DuPont Pioneer is dedicated to accelerating the pace of soybean yield improvement, both to meet global demand for grain and grower needs for increased production efficiency. An industry-leading network of agronomists and researchers has been established across North America to help accomplish this goal. This team conducts studies in growers' fields and other research sites throughout the U.S. and Canada, including collaborative studies with university scientists.

The mission of DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Sciences is to help maximize grower productivity by delivering useful crop management information built on rigorous, innovative research. This booklet serves as an introduction to DuPont Pioneer agronomic research, with examples of recent research results in several key areas of soybean management. Additional reserach reports and crop management publications are available from your Pioneer sales professional and at We hope this extensive library of research-based agronomic information and the local expertise of our agronomists and researchers serve as valuable resources to help improve productivity in your soybean operations.


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Leader in late group 1 maturity with good early emergence
Good White Mold and SDS resistance
Early harvest candidate and good harvest standability
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2.2 RM  RR/SCN
Our highest yielding early soybean
solid disease package - BSR, WM, SDS and pytopthora
Well suited for all narrow row enviroments
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2.2 RM RR/Peking SCN
Plant on all soils except poorly drained
Excellent disease scores (FEC, White mold & SDS)
New yield levels for this maturity
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2.4 RM  RR/SCN
Narrow canopy ideal for 15" rows
Excellent disease tolerance, WM and SDS
Excellent harvest standability
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New high yielding variety that will work on a variety of soils
Contest type yield performace, well suited following multiple years of corn on corn
Good white mold and SDS scores
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2.7 RM  RR/SCN
High yielding late group 2
Industry leading white mold tolerance, very good BSR and phytopthora tolerance as well
Well suited for narrow rows
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Yield contest winner
Compact plant type with good disease tolerance
Well suited for narrow rows, keep on your better ground
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2.8 RM  RR/SCN
High yielding full season soybean
Strong emergence with excellent SDS tolerance
Position on fields without a history of white mold
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3.0  RM RR/SCN
Our highest yielding early group 3 variety
Excellent SDS score
Good harvest standability

Conventional Varieties

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2.2 RM   SCN
New conventional; early group ll with superior field emergence
Good SDS and BSR resistance
Well suited for all soils
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2.5 RM   SCN/STS
High yielding mid season variety, STS tolerant

Well suited for all soils

Good SDS score
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2.9   SCN
High yielding variety
Well suited for poorly drained soils
Godd disease tolerance, BSR, white mold and SDS

 Roundup Ready Xtend Soybeans


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1.9   RR/Xtend/SCN
Early harvest option, strong pytopthora field tolerance
Very good early emergence
Average disease scores, Peking source SCN
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2.1  RR/Xtend SCN
Excellent yield potential with Peking source SCN
Strong phytopthora field tolerance, good SDS and white mold scores
Versatile, can plant on all soils


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2.2 RM  RR/Xtend/SCN
High yielding variety, very offensive. Use in conjunction with Dicamba herbicide programs
Average disease scores

Good harvest standability, keep on better drained soils

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2.4 RM RR/Xtend/SCN
Offensive variety with good SDS and white mold scores
Excellent harvest standability, strong field pytopthora tolerance

Great early emergence, well suited for narrow rows

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2.4 RN  RR/Xtend/SCN
Excellent yield potential and harvest standability
Excellent SDS score
Narrow row candidate with excellent early emergence


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2.8   RR/Xtend/SCN
Leader/high yielding variety for use with Dicamba herbicide programs
Well suited for all soils
Good BSR and SDS tolerance, not well suited for white mold environments

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3.1   RR/Xtend/SCN
Full season high yielding soybean for use with Dicamba herbicide programs
Well suited for most soils, strong pytopthora field tolerance
Excellent SDS tolerance

Liberty Link Soybeans 

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2.0 RM  LL
Early group 2 high yielding soybean variety for use with Liberty herbicide
Place on highly productive soils, does not have SCN gene
below average disease scores, yield levels similiar to 22T69
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2.4 RM  LL/SCN
Our highest yielding Liberty Link variety, for use with Liberty herbicide
Average disease scores
Place on your highly productive soils
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2.6 RM  LL/SCN
Leader variety for use with Liberty herbicide
Moderate canopy
Solid disease scores