DuPont Pioneer offers varieties to meet specific challenges for every growing region.

Alfalfa, once considered a “one-size-fits-all: crop, now comes in varieties that feature different strengths to meet the needs of different growing environments. Pioneer offers a wide range of varieties so growers can select the right product for the right acre.

Forage experts at DuPont Pioneer suggest growers review individual production challenges and plant the variety or varieties that provide the best solutions. The good news is that plenty of options are available for a range of growing environments.

Pioneer focuses on 5 categories of varieties. Each group brings its own specific benefit. The groups are:

  1. Muscle yield
  2. Forage quailty
  3. Western-adapted varieties
  4. Leafhopper resistant
  5. Lodging resistant

“Advances in alfalfa breeding have expanded grower options,” says Mark Smith, DuPont  Pioneer alfalfa research scientist. “Growers in all alfalfa growing regions have several varieties to fit their individual needs.”

The muscle group contains the more “traditional” varieties, the highest-yielding and most winter hardy. In addition, today’s alfalfa varieties offer traits to defend against yield-threatening diseases such as Aphanomyces Race 2 and pests such as nematodes. Pioneer varieties are also available in several of the above categories, with Genuity® Roundup Ready® technology.


Muscle Varieties – Stable High Yield and Winterhardiness

55V50View More
NEW High Yielding "Muscle Variety"
Excellent Disease Resistance
Very good Winterhardiness
View More
Economically priced blended variety
Very good winterhardiness along with good disease scores
High yield and good forage quality
View More
High yielding, high quality variety with aggressive regrowth
Adapted for dairy quality forage, holds high fiber for longer periods of time
Excellent disease package, highly suitable for heavy soils
55VR06View More
Resistant to Glyphosate Herbicide
Ideal for growers who demand high quality weed free forage
Excellent Diesase Resistance and winter hardiness

Leafhopper Resistant Varieties

55H94View More
Leafehopper Resistant, consistanly beats the competition in university trials with high leafhopper pressure
High quality forage yield and RFQ in a winterhardy package
Excellent Disease Resistance